Our firm was founded to provide prompt, professional, reliable and accurate reporting to the insurance claims and litigation process. 

Offering nationwide medical expert witness services to partner with clients to enhance their evaluation and negotiation strategy. 

Our unique approach to medical review and consulting combines in-house expertise to include Board Certified MDs and proven insurance examiners who have extensive evaluative experience with all types and levels of claims within a wide range of jurisdictions on a national scale.

Our collaborative approach with clients is deeply grounded in our combined medical and insurance experience to provide the key answers to the crucial questions that are critical to each case.

Our insurance professionals understand your claim. We have evaluated, negotiated and settled thousands of injury cases in a variety of environments including trial attendance, mediation and settlement conferences on a national scale. We can customize and collaborate with you.

We deliver our evaluations with both the medical and insurance credibility our clients rely upon to support their positions and to make their arguments and recommendations.

We feel trusted, functional and valid documentation is key and should be communicated in a manner which our clients find quick and easy to understand.

Answering your questions to provide a clear view of the key medical facts

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   Professional Medical Review and Consulting 

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