• Evaluate strengths, weaknesses and general merit of opposing medical documentation and experts
  • Prepare attorney clients for deposition of opposing medical experts

Timothy Scott Beck M.D. 

Board Certified; Internal Medicine

  • Determine which medical records are pertinent to the case
  • Provide deposition and/or expert trial testimony 

​Answering your questions to provide a clear view of the key medical facts

  • Prepare attorney clients for cross examination of opposing medical experts
  • Establish a documented and relevant medical rebuttal to alleged injury 
  • Assist in preparation for mediation including attendance when necessary

We are your medical insider on the legal team

Expert Witness:

  • Assist in developing cross examination questions and strategy

We are unique in providing comprehensive medical legal solutions and support to attorneys by combining the expertise of experienced insurance injury litigation examiners as well as board certified MDs and other medical contributors. This approach allows us to understand your needs from both perspectives and to provide targeted services to maintain your time and budget constraints. 

Services provided: 

  • Critique independent medical examinations (IME)

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We strive to partner with our clients to build stronger, better documented and more effective cases. 

  • Consult for trial preperation

Professional Medical Review and Consulting