​  ​Professional Medical Review ​and Consulting

Our advantage is confirmed by combining experienced insurance case evaluation with medical expertise provided by in-house physicians and insurance casualty/litigation examiners.

Answering your questions to provide a clear view of the key medical facts

This collaborative approach provides a unique analysis and powerful tool tailored to both defense attorneys, third party administrators, carriers, self insured entities and the insurance industry as a whole. 

Medical Legal Review 

Services Provided:

  • ​Identify correlation of treatment to alleged injuries and conditions


  • Provide analysis of injury causation

  • Document diagnosis, prognosis and expected recovery

  • Investigate injury permanency and disability ratings

  • Identify and explain relevancy of prior/pre-existing injury or condition

  • Outline chronological order of treatment

  • Examine appropriate treatment

  • Identify missing medical records/gaps in treatment

  • Simplify treatment and identifies standard of care and excessive treatment

  • Concise injury and treatment summary

  • Identify conflicting information

Our process provides a combination of unique and coordinated expertise of both medical and insurance professionals to each assignment.

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Reviews are completed by a Board Certified MD and further reviewed by experienced insurance casualty/litigation examiners who understand the complexities of each case and the relevancy of the assigned needs.