• Impairment 

  • Relevancy of prior injury, condition and treatment

  • Impairments, restrictions, limitations and ratings

  • Causation

  • Appropriateness of treatment

  • Ongoing use of treatment and/or therapy

  • Functionality

  • Use/Appropriateness of medicines

  • Accuracy of diagnosis

  • Treatment recommendations/need for further care

  • Progress toward recovery/medical improvement

  • Maximum medical improvement

Relevant factors will be identified from submitted medical documentation to address specific questions relating to injury and treatment. 

Our reviews will provide an expert opinion in relation to specific questions to include: 

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Answering your questions to provide a clear view of the key medical facts

Peer Review 

  Professional Medical Review and Consulting

Third Opinion MD performs evidence based medical reviews completed by a Board Certified physician with a thorough review of records only without a physical examination. 


We encourage our clients to collaborate with our staff claim examiners to identify specific questions and needs before submission